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Scrapingdog provides fastest web scraping extension with premium proxies, JavaScript Rendering & captcha clearance facility. It is build for everyone whether you are a Developer or Non-Developer. You can directly scrape any website directly from your dashboard or extension if you are a Non-Developer. Just in one click you can use premium proxies to scrape websites which are not easily scrapable. Not just that you can even get JSON response directly from the scraped HTML data by specifying attributes & tags within the tool or API. We have build this tool especially for people in Data-Scientist and Data-Analytics industry. It will help them to extract data at the quickest and then use it in mathematical models. We have focused on every little details of the issues faced by Developers while scraping data in today’s world. Well, we are confident that this web scraping tool will help you boost your productivity. You can subscribe at our website ( to get 1000 FREE credits.

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