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The UN/Locode is a standard location identifier defined by UNECE. There’s over 100,000 locations with UN Locodes, however it’s difficult to identify the correct GPS coordinates and timezones associated with these locations.

That’s why this API exists. We accept a UNLocode and return a set of coordinates and timezone information that can be used to find the local time in that area.

The coordinate information can be used to visualize the locations in tools like Cognos and Tableau.
The timezone information can be used to publish information when the “local” time is required and the system needs to provide the ISO8601 timezone offset.

Example payload:


  "result": [
      "Country": "US",
      "Id": "USMIA",
      "Lat": "25.77",
      "Lng": "-80.19",
      "Name": "Miami",
      "Timezone": "America/New_York",
      "_id": "5e07db8ddeb1488de66876e9"
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