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Mashvisor APIs allow you to conduct real estate market analysis of any US housing market for both long term rental properties (traditional rentals) and short term rental properties (Airbnb rentals). Furthermore, you get access to nationwide real estate data for traditional rental listings as well as Airbnb listings. The data includes but is not limited to price estimate of MLS listings and off market properties, traditional rental rates (rental income), recurring rental expenses, Airbnb nightly rates, Airbnb occupancy rate, Airbnb rental income traditional and Airbnb return on investment including cash flow, cash on cash return, and cap rate.

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GETFind Property
GETGet Agent
GETGet Office
GETGet Taxing
GETPrice Estimates
Short Term Rentals
GETGet Listings
GETGet Airbnb Historical Performance
GETGet Airbnb Top Reviewed Homes
GETGet Airbnb Newly Listed Homes
GETGet Airbnb Property Types
GETGet Market Summary
GETGet Airbnb Listing Info
GETGet Airbnb Occupancy Rates
GETGet Airbnb Super Hosts
GETGet Neighborhood Historical Performance
Predictive Scores
POSTInvestment Likelihood
POSTProperty Recommender
Long Term Rentals
GETGet Traditional Property
GETGet Traditional Neighborhood Historical Performance
GETList Neighborhoods
GETCity Top Properties
GETCity Investment Performance
GETList Top Markets
GETNeighborhood Overview
GETTop Neighborhoods
GETList Cities
Rental Rates
GETGet Airbnb Rental Rates
GETGet Traditional Rental Rates
GETGet Top Airbnb Cities
GETGet City Summary
GETGet Location Heatmap
Investment Analysis
GETProperty Marker
GETTraditional Comparable Listings
GETAirbnb Comparable Listings
GETInvestment Breakdown
GETProperty Investment Performance
GETFind Property

This endpoint retrieves the property's detailed data set stored in Mashvisor database.

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