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Mashvisor APIs allow you to conduct real estate market analysis of any US housing market for both long term rental properties (traditional rentals) and short term rental properties (Airbnb rentals). Furthermore, you get access to nationwide real estate data for traditional rental listings as well as Airbnb listings. The data includes but is not limited to price estimate of MLS listings and off market properties, traditional rental rates (rental income), recurring rental expenses, Airbnb nightly rates, Airbnb occupancy rate, Airbnb rental income traditional and Airbnb return on investment including cash flow, cash on cash return, and cap rate.

You can use Mashvisor API to access all endpoints needed by developers to build their applications on top of Mashvisor Inc, a rich real estate API, which can get real estate information, deep analysis, solid and up to date calculations on various cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods in our database across the United States. You’ll be able to see investment valuation analysis for listings, rental rates and incomes for both short term or long term strategies, mortgage calculator, Airbnb listings and areas performance, top reviewed Airbnb listing in any location. Also, general information about trending cities across the U.S. Moreover, you’ll be able to use the power of Mashvisor AI and machine learning on real estate valuation.
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