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MaxCDN API Documentation

A full API to control MaxCDN products.

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Account API
GETGet Account
PUTUpdate Account
GETGet Account Address
PUTUpdate Account Address
Users API
GETList Users
POSTCreate User
GETGet User
PUTUpdate User
DELETEDelete User
Zones API
GETList Zones
GETGet Zone Summary
GETGet Zone Count
GETList Pull Zones
POSTCreate Pull Zone
GETGet Pull Zones Count
GETGet Pull Zone
PUTUpdate Pull Zone
DELETEDelete Pull Zone
PUTEnable Pull Zone
PUTDisable Pull Zone
DELETEPurge Cache
GETList Custom Domains
POSTCreate Custom Domain
GETGet Custom Domain
PUTUpdate Custom Domain
DELETEDelete Custom Domain
GETList Push Zones
POSTCreate Push Zone
GETGet Push Zones Count
GETGet Push Zone
PUTUpdate Push Zone
DELETEDelete Push Zone
PUTEnable Push Zone
PUTDisable Push Zone
POSTCreate Custom Push Domain
GETList Custom Push Domains
GETList VOD Zones
POSTCreate VOD Zone
GETGet VOD Zones Count
PUTUpdate VOD Zone
PUTEnable VOD Zone
PUTDisable VOD Zone
GETList VOD Custom Domains
POSTCreate VOD Custom Domain
GETGet VOD Custom Domain
DELETEDelete VOD Custom Domain
GETList Live Zones
GETGet Live Zones Count
GETGet Live Zone
PUTUpdate Live Zone
DELETEDelete Live Zone
GETGet Zone's SSL Information
POSTInstall SSL on Zone
PUTUpdate Zone's SSL Information
DELETERemove Zone's SSL Information
GETGet Upstream information for the current zone
POSTEnable Upstream on Zone
PUTUpdate Zone's Upstream Information
DELETERemove Zone's Upstream Information
Reports API
GETGet Account Stats
GETGet All Zone Stats
GETGet a Zone's Stats
GETList Nodes
GETList Nodes by Zone
GETList Zone Node Stats by Report Type
GETList Node Stats by Zone and Report Type
GETGet Zone Node
GETGet Node by Zone
GETGet Zone Node Stats by Report Type
GETGet Node Stats by Zone and Report Type
GETList Popular Files
GETList Popular Files By Zone Type
GETReports by Status Codes API
GETList Status Code Responses by Zone Id
GETList Status Codes by Zone Type
GETList Status Codes by Zone Id
GETList File Types
GETList File Types by Zone Id
GETList File Types by Zone Type
GETList File Sizes
GETList File Sizes by Zone Id
GETList File Sizes by Zone Type
GETList Stats By Directory
GETList Stats By Directory and Zone Id
Raw Logs API
GETGet Raw Logs
GETGet Account

Gets account information


OAuth 1 2-legged

Header Parameters
REQUIREDOAuth 1 2-legged
Required Parameters
Code Snippet
Install SDK
Response ExampleSchema

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication