By mbvawork | Updated vor 2 Jahren | Medical – Free REST API for Medical Guidelines. Use biometric and demographic data to search the same medical references used by healthcare professionals. Get personalized clinical recommendations using parameters such as weight, blood pressure, age, etc.

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Use this API to get medical guidelines from multiple sources like the CDC, USPSTF and American Cancer Society (references included). This initial version focuses on evidence-based preventive care (with possible future versions having specialty-specific recommendations).

For example, what is the standard of care for a 38 year-old male with high blood pressure? And what if they have diabetes?
What is necessary for a pregnant female at 27 weeks gestation?

Build a query with personalized biometric and demographic data to see what is indicated for preventive services (screening procedures, vaccinations, laboratory tests, radiographic imaging, etc). Professionals use this same peer-reviewed information at every appointment for patient care.

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