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**Predicting Relationship Outcomes
Our Crush Detector API is for dating app developers that want to create the next Tinder or Bumble, just better. By implementing our API, you can offer your users AI to predict what the conversation will likely turn into. You can simply send the messages (anonymously of course) to our AI via the API, which can use the words to determine whether this relationship would end up being platonic or romantic. For example, it will come back with “Sympathetic friend” or Passionate lover”.

**How Does It work?
To train the model to give the probability score, we have hundreds of thousands of conversations where users have labeled as romantic or not romantic relationships. Because of the amount of data and labels we have, we’ve been able to build neural networks/AI models that can accurately predict the type of relationship from the text messages that are fed into it, without asking the user. We have similar models for personality that can build personality profiles.

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