Malicious IP
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Malicious IP API Documentation

This API endpoint checks if an IP version 4 has been used in any abusing activities like spam, attacks, hacking activities and others. is a set of lists like IP, domains, emails, passwords, creditcard BIN/IIN. Some of them marked as 'abusers' by several groups and initiatives of users and communities, and others used to filter out potential abusers. can be defined as a Look up as a Service for developers and product companies that want to know in realtime if their existing or potential users have been classified as 'abusers' by one or more of these lists.

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GETCheck Malicious IP
GETCheck Malicious IP

The endpoint checks if the IP passed as argument can be found in any abuse or malicious blacklist or quarantine set.

Header Parameters
OPTIONALIf set, the endpoint returns the full list of blacklists where the IP has been found
Required Parameters
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