Email Verifier
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Email Verifier Overview
Validate email addresses in real-time. Make sure a mailbox really exist.
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How Email Verifier work?

Email Verifier uses SMTP for email verification. It starts with checking the email format, then the domain records (MX),
And finally, it connects to the target mail server and check whether the user really exist.

The validations are done in real-time and it may take around a second or two in general. Some SMTP servers may take more time to respond (above 3-4 seconds).

Disclaimer : Not all email servers co-operate in validation process (in fact, some are configured to do exactly opposite), so, it affects the accuracy of the api. However, in general, you can expect 90% or higher accuracy.

*To read our terms & privacy policy please visit http://email-checker.net/*

Email Verifier Result

The result is returned in json format. Here is a sample json response -

    "email": "[email protected]",
    "user": "name",
    "domain": "example.com",
    "status": "invalid",
    "reason": "No mail server for [email protected]",
    "disposable": false
  • email - It's the email address to be verified
  • user - user id of the email (first part before the '@')
  • domain - The domain associated with the email address
  • status - It can be valid (deliverable), invalid (undeliverable) or unknown (If we can't figure out)
  • reason - Explanation for the status (if there is any)
  • disposable - true (If the email address is disposable - not desirable) or false (non disposable email - ok)
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