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Many datas such as timezone, elevation, countries, cities, sunset/sunrise, distance

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GETGet Sun Positions Data
GETGet Distance
GETGet Elevation
GETGet Timezone
GETPing Service
GETGet Airports
GETGet Cities by String
GETGet Cities by Lat Long
GETGet Countries Data
GETGet Significant Cities
GETGet Continents Data
GETGet Sun Positions Data

This webservice is providing you the ability to retrieve the time of each phases of the sunlight cycle. Sunset, sunrise, sunriseEnd, golden hour, solarNoon, dawn, dusk and more for a given location and date. If the date if not provided, the response provided return informations for today at UTC time.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDHere you can send either a latitude / longitude
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALThe date for what you will get the data ( full-date notation as defined by RFC 3339, section 5.6, for example, 2017-07-21 ), if not provided as parameter, today is going to be used
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