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MyPoolin API Documentation

MyPoolin API is the smartest way to allow your customers to do group purchases like - group gifting, group travel booking, party/dinner cost sharing, wedding registries and more! It is a RESTful plugin that gets seamlessly integrated either in the form of native integration (complete front end customization) or a microsite (partial front end customization)

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Requires product parameters like - ID, name, description and more along with your client_name that has been notified to us.

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Group-Gifting | Powered by MyPoolin | Fastest and Easiest way to pool money online
Simply set a target amount and date for your pool.
The group members will be notified to pay in their share of money.

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  • Get started in less than a minute and save hours!

  • Set Target Amount and Target Date

  • Quick and secure


(Full money will be refunded in case you cancel the pool)

Fix a minimum value to achieve for finalizing the pool?

(You can still edit or make changes after this date has passed)

  • Those invited by Facebook would get tagged privately with the link to pay while others would get the link in their inbox

  • We send real-time updates & reminders to the group!

  • You would be asked for the bank details (if redeeming off-line) after the pool is complete or you click on 'cash out' on next page

Invite people via

Or through e-mail

Split Shares Equally Split Shares Unequally


For any queries: [email protected]

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OAuth2 Authentication