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Name Toolkit is a domain name suggestion, registration and whois info provider. Our focus is on speed, simplicity and honesty.
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The Name Toolkit API makes it easy to integrate domain related information into your app.

Whois API

Which TLDs are supported?

One question we get asked a lot is how many TLDs we support. That's actually a complex question, every TLD has different information or none in some cases, some TLD providers don't provide a whois service at all! Others do but intentionally limit information, so we maintain basic support for the following list:

ac, ad, aero, ae, af, ag, ai, al, am, an, ao, aq, ar, asia, as, at, au, aw, ax, az, ba, bb, bd, be, bf, bg, bh, biz, bi, bj, bm, bn, bo, br, bs, bt, bv, bw, by, bz, cat, ca, cc, cd, cf, cg, ch, ci, ck, cl, cm, cn, com, coop, co.uk, co, cr, cu, cv, cx, cy, cz, de, dj, dk, dm, do, dz, ec, edu, ee, eg, er, es, et, eu, fi, fj, fk, fm, fo, fr, ga, gb, gd, ge, gf, gg, gh, gi, gl, gm, gn, gov, gp, gq, gr, gs, gt, gu, gw, gy, hk, hm, hn, hr, ht, hu, id, ie, il, im, info, in, io, iq, ir, is, it, je, jm, jobs, jo, jp, ke, kg, kh, ki, km, kn, kp, kr, kw, ky, kz, la, lb, lc, li, lk, lr, ls, lt, lu, lv, ly, ma, mc, md, me, mg, mh, mil, mk, ml, mm, mn, mobi, mo, mp, mq, mr, ms, mt, museum, mu, mv, mw, mx, my, mz, name, na, nc, net, ne, nf, ng, ni, nl, no, np, nr, nu, nz, om, org, pa, pe, pf, pg, ph, pk, pl, pm, pn, pr, pro, ps, pt, pw, py, qa, re, ro, rs, ru, rw, sa, sb, sc, sd, se, sg, sh, si, sj, sk, sl, sm, sn, so, sr, st, su, sv, sy, sz, tc, td, tel, tf, tg, th, tj, tk, tl, tm, tn, to, tp, travel, tr, tt, tv, tw, tz, ua, ug, uk, us, uy, uz, va, vc, ve, vg, vi, vn, vu, wf, ws, ye, yt, za, zm, zw

Which fields do you parse?

At the moment we reliably parse dateExpires, and domain status for nearly all supported TLDs. We support much more for the most popular TLDs and we update the API regularly so anything more detailed here will likely age badly. Ideally we'd like to parse everything available for all TLDs but this is a long term goal.

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