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The One True Source of Cannabis Data
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More Details on the Neobi API

Real Time Extraction
Our data is automatically extracted from existing websites and e-commerce stores, aggregated into one source, and made accessible through our API (Application Programming Interface).

Gain access to the most comprehensive Cannabis database in the world. Get the advantage by knowing the prices of your competitors. Make business decisions backed by historical data and industry patterns.

Thanks for checking out the Neobi API here on RapidAPI

We are a growing tech startup with a team distributed across Canada and a pulse on the Cannabis market. We are a passionate group of tech nerds who believe there is power in data and to those who choose to wield it.

We would love to hear your feedback on our API. If you would like a free trial or have any questions or comments, contact us at [email protected]

Full documentation is located on our site and is being updated regularly.

Neobi API Documentation

Happy Coding
-The Neobi Team

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