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SOAP to JSON API Overview

Soap to JSON online proxy/gateway API enables calling SOAP web services with JSON format.

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What is SOAP to JSON online converter/proxy ?

SOAP to JSON is HTTP REST Proxy that converts JSON input to XML SOAP request and XML SOAP response to JSON output. Since JSON is lightweight compared to SOAP, it is ideal for mobile (Android, iOS, iPhone, Blackberry, Tablets) usage. XML Web Services are complex and requires 2x bandwidth and 2x cpu time to process.

White List IP

White List IP as all connections to your Web Service Server will be made from.

Useful only if

  1. You have an XML SOAP Web Service (referred as target web service) hosted on any public web server.
  2. You need to invoke your target web service with plain JSON format. For example, on browsers, on mobiles, creating XML SOAP request requires lot of coding.
  3. You have good knowledge of REST API and you can easily invoke JSON based REST API in your target clients.

Supported Operations

We support following operations and they are priced accordingly.

Generate Proxy

Generate Proxy request will query your target Web Service's WSDL URL and will generate JSON proxy, that you can use metadata to browse your target Web Service. Since calling complex objects will require more code, we recommend generating some code templates based on the metadata response. If you invoke web method without generating proxy, first time proxy will be generated internally and you will be charged for it. Once generated, Proxy is cached by our server to make further calls. If your target web service has changed, you must invoke Generate Proxy operation to refresh JSON proxy.


After metadata is generated, you can now invoke methods available on your web service. You have to specify name of the method you want to invoke and the parameters to pass to. You must specify either "request" or "parameters", but not both. If your WSDL Url starts with "https", then call will be made through SSL and you will be charged extra.


To invoke method, you can pass array of values, order of values must match exactly to that of parameter types specified in Metadata proxies.

Request Property

To invoke method, you can pass parameters as named JSON anonymous object with name of parameter match exactly same as those are specified in Metadata proxies.

How to get started?

  1. First find WSDL URL for your web service, it usually has wsdl at the end of the url. For example, "".
  2. Use your Mashape console to call Generate Proxy endpoint, this will generate list of available methods and other related schema.
  3. You can then use Unirest or any other REST API Client on your target platforms to call either "Invoke" or "Invoke-Secure" methods. Response will be "null" for methods that has no return value (void), or it will contain JSON format of the result obtained from the web method call.

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