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it gives me null

Rapid account: Alameer
3년 전

hello, i tried to use php curl in my website and it gives me Null
How can i solve this problem

Rapid account: Nicesi
nicesi Commented 3년 전

It was an issue with the transformation on the RapidAPI gateway side. We had to fix the problem on the our api side. Fixed.

Rapid account: Alameer
alameer Commented 3년 전

yes still null

Rapid account: Tom James
TomJames Commented 3년 전

I get a ‘null’ value returned still. I receive a response with data from a different RapidAPI query via Postman. It seems to be this particular API.

Rapid account: Stephengraham
stephengraham Commented 3년 전

I also get a null response when testing via this site and using RestSharp

Rapid account: Nicesi
nicesi Commented 3년 전

When I tested all endpoints, I see nulls.

Your queries come through the RapidAPI gateway. There is a problem on the RapidAPI gateway side. I reported it now. We apologize.

Rapid account: Arafays
arafays Commented 3년 전

Same here Still giving me null even in when “Testing Endpoint” and I check via “postman”

In postman tried to get the list of available currency and got Null

Rapid account: Skxeve
skxeve Commented 3년 전

it gives me null, too.
I tried to use this API on RapidAPI website test request with default parameter and it gives me null.

Rapid account: Nicesi
nicesi Commented 3년 전


Is the problem still happening? What was your query?

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