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Latestposts endpoint receiving error response.

Rapid account: Alegarcia
8 months ago

I’m using your API to acquire the latest posts for various topic slugs. The latestposts endpoint works for most topics, but for some topics an error response is returned. For instance, for the endpoint:

the following response is received

{‘error’: ‘API is working but something unexpected occured. Please check your input!’}

Another topic that had this response was “self-improvement”. I have some suspicions as far as why this is happening, but I could use some help with this.

Rapid account: Alegarcia
alegarcia Commented 8 months ago

Thanks, the topfeeds endpoint gives me what I wanted. I appreciate the response.

Rapid account: Nishujain 199719 Vg Ifu FH Zx VZ
nishujain199719-vgIfuFHZxVZ Commented 8 months ago

Hi Alegarcia,

The Latestposts endpoint returns the results only for a fixed set of about ~120 topic slugs as defined by the old Medium’s algorithm. Those hard-coded topics were used to classify the articles by Medium when they used to distribute them. But now, they have change it.

Medium’s new algorithm has moved to a tag-based system. So for the topics that are not in the list of 120, the results will not show up.


You can use the “Get Top Feeds” endpoint ( to get the same results. Here you’ll have multiple mode options, that you can use to customize your results


`hot` : For getting trending articles
`new` : For getting latest articles
`top_year` : For getting best articles of the year
`top_month` : For getting best articles of the month
`top_week` : For getting best articles of the week
`top_all_time` : For getting best article of all time

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you’ve any other doubts.

Nishu Jain

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