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Get Article's HTML endpoint w/ broken img tag

Rapid account: Fbanyai As WF 9 K Bhx VN
5 months ago

Hello Nishu,

I’m having an issue when calling the Get Article’s HTML endpoint. For some reason it’s adding an incomplete img tag after the initial div which is breaking my HTML post processing. Please notice that the ID that I’m providing is just a sample - the issue is happening in many other articles.

Sample Article ID: b3f5a2c1800b

Sample Result from the API call:
“html”: “<div class=“blog”><img alt="Minimalist \n\n\nMinimalism: Love People Use things and not the other way around.\n\nEasier said than done I say but you know being a minimalist really is hard. It’s not just about love and use asis the case in the documentary…” /></div>"

Original Medium Article:

Could you please help me?

Thank you!

Rapid account: Fbanyai As WF 9 K Bhx VN
fbanyai-asWF9KBhxVN Commented 5 months ago

Hey Nishu, thank you for your prompt reply and support!

Indeed! Just saw here, the whole article is inside a <figcaption> tag (and it doesn’t make any sense at all… LOL).

The other cases I have here seem to follow this pattern (malformed source HTML).


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nishujain199719-vgIfuFHZxVZ Commented 5 months ago

Hey there, I saw the article and it seems like that the author has mistakenly written all the Article’s text in the image caption itself. That’s why everything is in the “alt” attribute of the “img” tag in the rendered HTML format.

I’ve tested the code again and it is working perfectly fine.

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