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GETTariff Plans api
GETTariff Plans api

Just send the operator and circle and GET ALL PLANS according to circle and operator our api



Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDHello First you Get the API from our site for CTRLKEY.
REQUIRED[{"Detail":"140 Local SMS. Maximum 100 SMS per Day","Amount":"13","Validity":"5 Days"},{"Detail":"200 Local and STD SMS. Maximum 100 SMS per Day","Amount":"26","Validity":"14 days"},{"Detail":"340 Local and STD SMS. Maximum 100 SMS per Day","Amount":"34","Validity":"28 days"},{"Detail":"450 Local and STD SMS. Maximum 100 SMS per Day","Amount":"42","Validity":"28 days"},{"Detail":"700 Local and STD SMS. Maximum 100 SMS per Day","Amount":"62","Validity":"28 days"},{"Detail":"1000 Local and STD SMS. Maximum 100 SMS per Day","Amount":"88","Validity":"28 days"},{"Detail":"2400 Local and STD SMS. Maximum 100 SMS per Day","Amount":"218","Validity":"28 days"}]
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{"Detail":"50 MB Data","Amount":"17","Validity":"1 Day"}, {"Detail":"150 MB Data","Amount":"49","Validity":"5 Days"}, {"Detail":"300 MB Data","Amount":"99","Validity":"10 Days"}, {"Detail":"450 MB Data","Amount":"149","Validity":"14 Days"}, {"Detail":"250MB (2G)+250MB (3G) Data","Amount":"155","Validity":"14 days"},{"Detail":"700 MB Data","Amount":"176","Validity":"21 Days"},{"Detail":"750 MB Data","Amount":"255","Validity":"21 Days"},{"Detail":"2 GB Unltd Data","Amount":"297","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"750MB 3G+125 MB Facebook+125 MB Whatsapp Data","Amount":"298","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"1 GB Data","Amount":"299","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"1.5 GB Data","Amount":"398","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"1.75 GB Data","Amount":"455","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"2 GB Data","Amount":"497","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"2 GB 3G data","Amount":"549","Validity":"60 Days"},{"Detail":"2 GB Data","Amount":"575","Validity":"60 Days"},{"Detail":"2.5 GB Data","Amount":"655","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"3 GB Data","Amount":"699","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"3.25 GB Data","Amount":"755","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"3.75 GB Data","Amount":"855","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"4 GB Unltd Data","Amount":"899","Validity":"28 Days"},{"Detail":"4.25 GB Data","Amount":"955","Validity":"28 Days"}, {"Detail":"5 GB Unltd Data","Amount":"1099","Validity":"28 Days"}, {"Detail":"6 GB Unltd Data","Amount":"1255","Validity":"28 Days"} {"Thanks":"For using tariff plan api / Recharge plan api"}

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