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Rapid account: Kgeorgiev
2 years ago

Can you give an example how to get the AMPL 24h vwap price?

Rapid account: Burkefloydstacey
burkefloydstacey Commented 2 days ago

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Rapid account: Brave New Coin
BraveNewCoin Commented 2 years ago

Hello tellor,

Apologies for the delayed response. We don’t receive notifications beyond the initial comment here so sorry we missed yours.

Unfortunately we cannot currently circumvent the security on BNC’s API that requires the access token for non-public endpoints. We do appreciate that it imposes an additional requirement for RapidAPI users and we will continue to look for a mechanism to achieve it in a future iteration of the platform.

Best regards,
Brave New Coin Support

Rapid account: Tellor
tellor Commented 2 years ago

How do we use the API without a bearer token?

Our app queries all sort of different APIs and this additional requirement will require some major refactorings in the code base.

Rapid account: Brave New Coin
BraveNewCoin Commented 2 years ago

Hello kgeorgiev,

The 24 hour VWAP price for AMPL would be obtained with the following steps:

  1. Get the UUID for AMPL. You use the GET Asset endpoint in Lookups for this, providing the symbol AMPL as the Optional Parameter. This returns 551cdbbe-2a97-4af8-b6bc-3254210ed021 as the ID for Ampleforth.

  2. Get an authorisation token which is needed to be able to access the DailyOHLCV endpoint in the next step. No parameters are required to use the POST GetToken endpoint which will return an access token valid for 24 hours.

  3. Get the current OHLCV record for AMPL. You would use the GET DailyOHLCV endpoint for this. If using the RapidAPI interface you can paste the access token obtained above into the Authorization Parameter replacing the ‘<append token here>’ and then paste the UUID from step 1 into the indexId Parameter. Testing will then return the latest daily record including the 24 hour VWAP (as of writing):

{1 item
"content":[1 item
0:{13 items

The RapidAPI UI provides a variety of examples for different environments of how to then implement this in code.

Best regards,
Brave New Coin Support

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