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One API call each day is failing

Rapid account: Dlohmeyer 22

Hi, I am subscribed to your free tier. I use cron scheduling to fire off ~20 requests per day to refresh games/odds in my database.

Each day at 7:30pm I call 4 times to refresh NBA, NHL, and NCAAB (twice using skip param).

In my logs I am seeing: “Error: Request failed with status code 429”. Any ideas on what might be causing the 429?

Thank you.

Rapid account: Dlohmeyer 22
dlohmeyer22 Commented 3ヶ月前

Looks like it is returning to me with “too many requests”. I was thinking that any request over the limit would just charge me $0.05, but I guess the API is rejecting any calls over the limit now.

Rapid account: Dlohmeyer 22
dlohmeyer22 Commented 3ヶ月前

Yeah so I run the same exact code routine 5 times throughout the day. 4 out of the 5 times the code succeeds with no errors, but every single day, my 7:30pm CST time slot logs a 429 failure. Very odd. This code has been running on my server for quite some time. Seemed to be introduced when I started requesting NBA, NHL, and NCAAB instead of NFL and NCAAF. I’ll try adding a 50ms delay between calls and see if that clears things up.

Only other thought would be maybe some issue with calling the NCAAB games API with skip 0 and skip 100 simultaneously? Hard to say. Mostly wanted to check if I was missing something obvious. I’ll keep investigating on my end.

Rapid account: Sportspage Feeds
SportspageFeeds Commented 3ヶ月前

You’re saying that you’re getting exactly 1 error per day? Are you using this username to make the requests?

There’s a limit of 50 requests per second, so you shouldn’t be tripping that by making only 20 calls. Are you positive about the number of requests you’re making?

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