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Sir i am beginner can you explain me how to use it in my localhost its showing you exceeds you monthly cota.

Sir, I am a beginner can you explain to me how to use it in my localhost it’s showing I exceed my monthly cota. can you help me with these topics?

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ZermeloTechnologies Commented 3년 전

Hi Omprakash,

Please let us know the end points that you would like to use. We have multiple plans. Certain endpoints are available in the free plan and certain others are available in the pro and ultra plans. Get India Total Counts and Get India State Codes And Names are available in the free plan and the usage is unlimited. You can make 5 calls per month to all other endpoints if you are using the free plan. In case you want to make unlimited use of other endpoints you can upgrade to the PRO or ULTRA plan by clicking on “Upgrade” option in the pricing page.
Please check the pricing link for further details -

You can also refer this blog link to consume “Covid-19 India Data by ZT” API -

I hope that answers your query. Please let us know in case you have further queries.
Zermelo Technologies Support Team

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