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Paging support for Today's Deal

hace un mes

Thanks for the excellent API.

I wanted to ask whether, do you have any plans to support paging for Today’s deal API request? Currently the API is returning around 30-40 items for this request, however there are more products under Amazon Today’s deal, so it would be great if you can support paging so that we can get more data from the API.


b2g.corporation commented hace un mes

Hello CalvinTp,

I’m analyzing the possibility of getting the other pages of Today’s deal.
I will get back to you about the possibility or not rapidly.
Thank you

CalvinTp commented hace un mes

I have been observing the URL for Amazon Today’s deal, 2nd, 3rd, etc page for the past 2 days. With a limited 2 days observation, each pages seems to have a pre-defined URL (a formula can be derive to calculate page N URL from a base URL), therefore we might be able to access the other pages as well. Do you have the same conclusion or observation; we can certainly discuss further.

b2g.corporation commented hace un mes


Yes, we have the offset in the URL when you change the page. But we also need cookies. You can test by copy-paste the URL of page 4 in Chrome with private navigation, and you will see that you are on page 1 and not 4. But I have found a solution to realize the cookies.
I’m implementing the solution, and I will deploy the new version the next week.

Best regards,

CalvinTp commented hace un mes

Got it, I definately missed the cookies aspect.

This is cool, thanks for the prompt feedback, support and also again excellent API!

CalvinTp commented hace 24 días

Hi, just wanted to check whether you are planning to release the new version soon? 😃


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