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Word count

Rapid account: Testmyquiz 1


We would like to use your API for a long time, the only concern is the word count is there any way to increase that?


Rapid account: Dytra
dytra Commented 10ヶ月前

ok sir regarding the price, let me message you privately

Rapid account: Testmyquiz 1
testmyquiz1 Commented 10ヶ月前

We have purchased a plan and got started with it and want to go on the largest plan but the largest plan is only 5000 a month we want atleast 30000 a month is it ok to go overcharges like we can pay 0.003 per request as it mentions there for going over the limit will the api get restricted or can we use as many requests as we like?


Rapid account: Dytra
dytra Commented 1年前


Thank you for reaching out to me about the API. I am happy to confirm that I am committed to maintaining the API and ensuring its stability. This is my first serious project and I am dedicated to making it a success. I understand the importance of having a reliable API that can be relied upon for the long term, and I am prepared to put in the necessary effort to ensure that it meets your needs.

In order to provide the best support possible, I am happy to provide my contact information so that you can reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, as I am always happy to help in any way that I can.

Thank you again for your interest in my API. I look forward to working with you and hope to have the opportunity to support you in the future.

Best regards,

Rapid account: Testmyquiz 1
testmyquiz1 Commented 1年前


Yes i see the word count has increased, we are looking for an API like yours to use for long time, we would like know is this api going to be stable and are you planning to keep this for long time?


Rapid account: Dytra
dytra Commented 1年前

Hi there

I am writing to provide an update on the server migration. I am pleased to inform you that the process has been completed successfully, and the maximum number of tokens has been increased up to 4000.

I hope that this addresses any concerns you may have had regarding the word count issue. The documentation have been updated in the Endpoint section. If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

Rapid account: Dytra
dytra Commented 1年前

Hi there, thankyou for using our api

For the meantime you can add an undocumented field called max_tokens
for 1 token is roughly 4 characters.

So you can fill the max_tokens between 1-2020

topic:“blockchain for security”,

the maximum is still 2020, as we’re migrating our API to a new server that hopefully can handle more tokens.

I will let you know when our new server is ready, and let me know if you need any help. Thankyou

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