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Neural algorithm. 0.45$ per 1 million characters. 90+ languages. A hybrid model of translation. For private plan telegram DM: @evonova

Free 100 000 char per month.
Or 0.45$ per 1 million characters without any limits.
Good quality, Just Try.

For private plan
telegram DM: @evonova

90+ languages
"Just Translated" can translate individual words and entire texts in a large number of language pairs. If you don’t know what language the text is written in, our API will detect the language of the original request.

A hybrid model of translation
The algorithm uses two translation models — statistical and neural. This approach allows you to accurately translate individual phrases and rare words, as well as analyze the context as a whole.

Development of algorithms
The algorithms are continuously trained on new texts and expand the database transfer. Your data transmitted to the service is not used for this purpose.

telegram DM: @evonova

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