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3 years ago

I expect to get an error when send links to other topics, but it try to parse any content to recipe template

mycookbook commented 3 years ago

Hi evgeniy-bizhanov,

Thanks for contacting us.

Since not all recipes include all the typical recipe elements like for instance the cooking time, the output you get from the API may vary and not always contain a parsed output for all of the recipe sections. The API breaks each recipe down into: - name - ingredients - instructions - yield - preparation time - cooking time - total time - images (URLs). For instance, a recipe that doesn’t contain the total time or the images will still be parsed but these attributes will be missing in the output. In rare cases when the recipe can’t be parsed at all, the output will contain only the name.

Thanks for your feedback and please let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Support Team

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