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Formal and Informal

Rapid account: Sasha 192 Bunin
il y a 4 mois

Hello, I highly appreciate your API’s existence, since I am not able to pay the DeepL officially.

I would like to know, are you able to make options ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ translation, that DeepL suggests in their Pro subs? Btw, I am totally okay with the existing things in your API, just the suggestion and “I would like”

Thanks in advance,

Rapid account: Splint PRO
splintPRO Commented il y a 3 mois

I became familiar with the ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ function. The point is that it is not quite appropriate for the following reasons:

  1. it can only be activated on small texts.
  2. the alternative translation which is provided on small texts usually includes already forman and informal translation.

In my opinion, it makes no sense to implement this feature, because my API provides the same alternative translation on small texts as the Web version of Deepl does.

Rapid account: Splint PRO
splintPRO Commented il y a 4 mois

Hello. Thank you for the idea you suggested. Unfortunately, in the near future this is not planned to be introduced. If suddenly it will be different - I will let you know about it.

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