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English to Greek - Works in Code Snippet, not in my app

Rapid account: David Delmonte
hace 3 años

Hi all, I’m trying to translate a word from English to Greek.

I set up in the Test End Point: the languages as “en|el”

When I test the endpoint, it works fine. When I copy the request into my swift app, I get the 403 with “INVALID LANGUAGE PAIR SPECIFIED”. I also get the same result when using the default “en|it”

Anyone else experienced this?

Rapid account: David Delmonte
david.delmonte Commented hace 3 años

Thanks for the fast reply…

My http call is: “https://translated-mymemory—!”

And I’m using Swift v.5.x

Rapid account: Translated
translated Commented hace 3 años

Hi David,

what version of Swift are you using?

What the snippet does is very simple,
it execute an HTTP GET call to this address "https://translated-mymemory—!"
with the correct credentials in the header: “x-rapidapi-host” and “x-rapidapi-key”.

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