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Wellata enables platform owners to connect their end users to digital wellbeing content and resources. This access then provides them the tools important to create and maintain healthy habits and lifestyle shifts.

Wellata is your go to for all things wellbeing content, complete with including guided meditations, 7-day video programs, articles, and goal setting developed by our diverse team of allied health professionals.

Did you know 76% of employees believe their organisation should be taking more action to protect employee mental health (Oracle, 2020). Well Wellata could be the first step into empowering your users with such tools to wellness rich futures and sustained happiness.

Wellata API

This API allows the user to query wellness-related content via one endpoint-based API. It uses graphql like concepts wherein the endpoint remains the same, but data changes based on the request body.

Pagination is supported using a combination of pageSize and page parameters.
Currently, html format is supported in the format parameter only, but more formats will be added on an ongoing basis.
The major parameter to look at is “q”, examples for various queries have been added to the rapidapi documentation.
All type queries return document ids which can be used in the document id query example given to get in-depth data about that particular document id.
No user login/registration is required at this point to start using the APIs, one can use rapidapi sdks and implement the one GET base endpoint to start implementing the apis.

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