Nooma List Cleaner Email Validation Tool
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Nooma List Cleaner Email Validation Tool API Documentation

Nooma List Cleaner offers a real time, HTTP based email validation API that can tell you if an email address is valid or not. This API takes an email address within the request and performs a 3-step email list cleaning process to determine if the email address is valid or not.

The first step is a very basic clean where any typos, syntax errors, and duplicates are removed. At the same time, the email address is checked for bad MX records, no-reply email addresses, catch-all mailboxes etc. All this is sent back in the response JSON packet.

The second step is our advanced social media lookup. In this step we check to see if the email address is valid on any social media networks. We check against the top 12 social networks. This is very effective in terms of determining if a Yahoo email address is valid or not because the traditional method of checking Yahoo email addresses using SMTP does not always work.

The third and final step is completing a full SMTP handshake to determine if an email address is valid.

The API support multi-threading. For higher volume users, the API also comes with a dedicated trunk with better throttle limits to provide a faster email validation process.

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