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Return last logs.


Step 1: Login into your Algolia Dashboard (https://www.algolia.com/dashboard)
Step 2: Go to API Keys section (https://www.algolia.com/api-keys)
Step 3: Use your Application ID as appId and Admin API Key as apiKey

Test This Block

  • apiKey
    Body parameter
    Algolia Application Key.
  • appId
    Body parameter
    Algolia Application ID.
  • optional
    Optional Parameters
    • offset
      Body parameter
      Specify the first entry to retrieve (0-based, 0 is the most recent log entry). Defaults to 0.
    • length
      Body parameter
      Specify the maximum number of entries to retrieve starting at offset. Defaults to 10. Maximum allowed value: 1000.
    • type
      Body parameter
      Specify the type of logs to retrieve. This parameter is useful for debugging, especially when it is difficult to locate errors among many API calls:`all` (default): Retrieve all logs; `query`: Retrieve only the queries; `build`: Retrieve only the build operations; `error`: Retrieve only the errors
    Show Optional Parameters
    TEST Function
    CODE (NodeJS)

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    Install SDK

    Run the following command to install the SDK:

    npm install rapidapi-connect --save

    Require SDK

    In your code, add the following code to require the RapidAPI SDK:


    Hooray! You are connected

    Use the following code to try it out by getting all the APIs that are on RapidAPI.

    rapid.call('RapidAPI', 'getAll', {'{}'});
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