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AudioTranscription . createCategorizationTask

This endpoint creates a categorization task. In this task, one of our workers will view the attachment and choose a category for it according to the instruction. You may allow multiple categories to be chosen by setting allow_multiple to true. Example use cases are spam detection, copyright detection, product categorization, etc.

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Required Parameters

  • callbackUrl
    Body parameter
    The full url (including the scheme http:// or https://) of the callback when the task is completed.
  • instruction
    Body parameter
    A markdown-enabled string explaining how to categorize the item. You can use markdown to show example images, give structure to your instructions, and more.
  • attachmentType
    Body parameter
    One of `text`, `image`, `video`, `audio`, `website`, or `pdf`. Describes what type of file the attachment is.
  • attachment
    Body parameter
    cloud upload
    Upload file
    The attachment to be categorized. If `attachmentType` is text, then it should be plaintext. Otherwise, it should be FILE a URL pointing to the attachment.
  • categories
    An array of strings for the categories which you’d like the object to be sorted between.
  • category
    Body parameter
    Single category
  • x icon
Optional Parameters
  • urgency
    Body parameter
    Default if `day`. A string describing the urgency of the response. One of `immediate`, `day`, or `week`, where immediate is a one-hour response time.
  • categoryIds
    Body parameter
    An optional dictionary where the keys are the optional ids, and the values are the category values provided in categories.
  • allowMultiple
    Body parameter
    Default is `false`. Determines whether you allow multiple categories to be chosen for the attachment
  • metadata
    Body parameter
    A set of key/value pairs that you can attach to a task object. It can be useful for storing additional information about the task in a structured format.
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