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IBMWatsonPersonalityInsights . getProfileByJson

Generates a personality profile for the author of the json input. The service accepts a maximum of 20 MB of input content. It can analyze text in Arabic, English, Japanese, or Spanish and return its results in a variety of languages.

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Required Parameters

  • version
    The requested version of the response format as a date in the form YYYY-MM-DD; for example, specify 2016-10-20 for October 20, 2016. The parameter allows the service to update its response format for new versions without breaking existing clients.
  • contentItems
    An array of ContentItem objects that provides the input for the request. See README for more info.
Optional Parameters
  • language
    The language of the json input for the request:`ar` (Arabic), `en` (English, the default), `es` (Spanish), `ja` (Japanese)
  • responseLanguage
    The desired language of the response: `ar` (Arabic); `de` (German); `en` (English, the default); `es` (Spanish); `fr` (French); `it` (Italian); `ja` (Japanese); `ko` (Korean); `pt-br` (Brazilian Portuguese); `zh-cn` (Simplified Chinese); `zh-tw` (Traditional Chinese)
  • rawScores
    Indicates whether a raw score in addition to a normalized percentile is to be returned for each characteristic; raw scores are not compared with a sample population. By default (false), only normalized percentiles are returned.
  • consumptionPreferences
    Indicates whether consumption preferences are to be returned with the results. By default (false), they are not.
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