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IBMWatsonToneAnalyzer . analyzeToneFromText

Analyzes the tone of a piece of text. The message is analyzed for several tones - social, emotional, and language. For each tone, various traits are derived. For example, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness.

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Required Parameters

  • text
    Text that contains the content to be analyzed. The Tone Analyzer Service supports up to 128KB of text, or about 1000 sentences. Sentences with less than three words cannot be analyzed.
Optional Parameters
  • tones
    Filter the results by a specific tone. Valid values for tones are `emotion`, `language`, and `social`.
  • sentences
    Filter your response to remove the sentence level analysis. Valid values for sentences are true and false. This parameter defaults to true when it's not set, which means that a sentence level analysis is automatically provided. Change `sentences=false` to filter out the sentence level analysis.
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