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Player statistics, game reports, game schedule, team standings and team statistics for top hockey leagues and tournaments like NHL, IIHF World Championships and Olympic Games.

For obtaining a free API key for our API, please contact us by e-mail.

Most of the return parameters should be self-explanatory. Some that could be unclear are listed here:

  • po_type = stage of playoff the game is played in (possible values are: NULL-no playoff, Q-qualification round, QF-quarterfinals, SF-semifinals, B-bronze medal game, F-finals)
  • status= status in which the game is currently in (possible values are: final result, scheduled, get ready, in the 1st period, after 1st period, in the 2nd period, after 2nd period, in the 3rd period, after 3rd period, overtime, after overtime)
  • when= when was the goal scored (possible values are: normal, PP1-5on4 powerplay, PP2-5on3 powerplay, SH1-4on5 shorthanded, SH2-3on5 shorthanded, PS-penalty shot)
  • where= where is the game played (possible values are: home, away)
  • result= outcome of the game for the team (possible values are: loss, win)
  • group= group for the team in team standings (possible values are: eg. A, B, …)
  • pos= position the players plays in (possible values are: GK-goalkeeper, F-forward, D-defense, RW-right wing, LW-left wing, CE-center, RD-right defense, LD-left defense)
  • clinch= whether the team clinched the quarterfinals (possible values are: tím už má zaistenú účasť vo štvrťfinále-clinched quarterfinals, tím sa už nedostane do štvrťfinále-cannot make quarterfinals, tím zostupuje do I.DIV-team is dropping to the first division)
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