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Tabex PDF Intelligence API Documentation

Tabex PDF Intelligence API is designed to help you extract meaningful data in your data flow. Millions of PDF are created daily around the world and contain data in border-less and bordered tabular forms. Tabex helps you to make these data available in a meaningful and actionable format. Start discovering the hidden insights from your documents.

Tabex PDF Data intelligence API is designed to offer both performances and flexibility. The API is restful call that offers high speed and precision. Developers can call the API in different modes and integrate it in a variety of work flows for semantic analysis, data capture, Financial data base building and others. The API is able to extract tabular data from both scanned and editable PDF into a variety of formats. Formats include PDF to EXCEL, PDF to XML, PDF to CSV, PDF to HTML and PDF to Text. The API leverages several algorithms to identify tabular data, extract them in editable or machine readable format and allow developers to leverage data in their data work flow.

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Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDKey that enables the use of api
REQUIREDGive a name to your file
REQUIREDChoose the desired output format of conversion. Range of values are: CSV,XML,XLS,HTML,TXT
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALThis option permits to parse documents directly from an url. In this case any other file in HTTP request will be ignored
OPTIONALThis parameter permits to change the recognition table method: - auto - PageWidthIgnore (create a first table having width = page width) - PageWidth (create a first table having width = page width)
OPTIONALIn case of output format XLS you can choose both xls or xlsx file format
OPTIONALIn case of output format XLS you can choose a single file sheet or a multiple sheet. Range of values: SINGLE_FILE_SINGLE_SHEET, SINGLE_FILE_MULTIPLE_SHEE
OPTIONALDate format: default is MM/dd/yyyy
OPTIONALIn case of output format XLS choose decimal seperator. Default is . [dot]. Range of Values: , [comma] and . [dot]
OPTIONALIn case of output format XLS choose thousands seperator. Default is , [comma]. Range of values are , [comma] and . [dot]
OPTIONALThis parameter permits to force an ocr parsing process even the pdf document doesn’t need. Range of values: true or false. If not used tabex will try to reconigze if file needs ocr or not
OPTIONALIn case of OCR you can set a preferred language. Range of values: English ,German ,French ,Spanish ,Russian ,Italian ,Portuguese ,Dutch ,Finnish ,Catalan ,Indonesian ,Swedish ,Turkish ,Romanian ,Danish ,Norwegian ,Polish ,Hungarian ,Estonian ,Slovenian ,Croatian ,Czech ,Slovak ,Lithuanian ,Latvian ,Bulgarian ,Chinese_Simplified ,Chinese_Traditional ,Arabic ,Korean ,Japanese
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