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PassKit API Documentation

PassKit: Create, Distribute and Manage Apple Passbook Passes. PassKit is a set of tool and methods that allow businesses and developers quickly, easily and affordably design, create, distribute, update, analyse and manage content for Apple Passbook. PassKit helps you and your business at every step of the Passbook Pass Lifecycle.

API to access PassKit.

  1. Create passkit API account;
  2. Goto: https://api.passkit.com/v1/mashape/{mashape username};
  3. Authenticate with API KEY and SECRET; - pairs mashape with PassKit account
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Image methods
GETGet Image Data
POSTUpload Image
GETUpload Image (by URL)
Admin methods
Template methods
GETGet Passes For Template
GETGet Template Field Names
GETGet Template Field Names (full)
GETList Templates
POSTReset Template
PUTUpdate Template
Pass methods
GETGet Pass Details (by template and serial)
GETGet Pass Details (by pass id)
GETGet Unique Pass Id (by share id)
POSTInvalidate Pass (by pass id)
POSTInvalidate Pass (by template name and serial)
PUTIssue Pass
PUTIssue Pass (Batch)
PUTUpdate Pass (by template name & serial)
PUTUpdate pass (by pass id)
GETUpload Image (by URL)

Same as Upload Image method, only instead of uploading image, you can use an image URL.

Header Parameters
Code Snippets
Example Responses

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication