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The most advanced article extraction API with AI/ML summary, category prediction, all images, blog logo, authors, keywords, tags, and more.


  • Extracts full HTML/Text
    Using A.I. we extract full HTML even from javascript-heavy websites.

Extracted Fields:

- Date date;
- String title;
- String author;
- String description;
- String url;
- String topImage;
- String html;
- String text;
- String siteName;
- List summary

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How do we calculate sentiment?

AFINN is a list of words rated for valence with an integer between minus five (negative) and plus five (positive). Sentiment analysis is performed by cross-checking the string tokens (words, emojis) with the AFINN list and getting their respective scores. The comparative score is simply: sum of each token / number of tokens.

This approach leaves you with a mid-point of 0 and the upper and lower bounds are constrained to positive and negative 5 respectively (the same as each token! ๐Ÿ˜ธ). For example, letโ€™s imagine an incredibly โ€œpositiveโ€ string with 200 tokens where each token has an AFINN score of 5. Our resulting comparative score would look like this:

(max positive score * number of tokens) / number of tokens
(5 * 200) / 200 = 5

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