Global Events Intelligence
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Global Events Intelligence Overview

PredictHQ combines real-world events into one global source of truth to help businesses better understand demand, and plan for the future.

Our products are aimed at giving businesses greater event visibility to yield higher returns and reduce operational costs. We have created the world's largest single source of intelligent event data to make businesses and products smarter.

We have a self-service Event Search API for those looking to integrate event intelligence into their platform. Our Event Search API enables you to find relevant events with a simple REST call. Whether you're a small start-up, or a large enterprise, our plans scale with your development needs.

We also have a Data Licence for those wanting to do more with our data. This option is for those wanting to download and store our events, or to use our events for data modelling and analysis. The Data Licence is also suited to those wanting to enrich their own data set to produce and sell derivative works.

Current categories include: school holidays, public holidays, observances, concerts, conferences, expos, festivals, performing arts, community, sports, daylight savings, airport delays, severe weather, disasters and terror. We are not only adding new event categories to this list but also expanding on the enrichment of event related data.

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