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wanna know what type of data

Rapid account: 17011065015
3 years ago

hey! I just want to know that which kind of data it contains. Is this API contains data or information about universities in Pakistan.
I’m developing a web portal where a student will be able to add their preferences and the system will be able to recommend a degree program and university/college in Pakistan. This project is based on machine learning, python.

Rapid account: Vikagreg 03
vikagreg03 Commented 8 days ago

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Rapid account: Principalapis
principalapis Commented 2 years ago

Hey 17011065015,

Thanks for reaching out! You can always use the free BASIC plan to test out the API before spending any money to consume the API. This will allow you to see what data is available via the Test Endpoint button to see if the relevant data is available.

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