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Type effectiveness almost completely wrong

weaknesses = >
nuetral = *
resistances = 1.
( I realize I should have marked nuetral as 1. but its already done)
“Grass”:{18 items


  • “Dark”:1
  • “Dragon”:0.625
  1. “Electric”:1
  • “Fairy”:1
  • “Fighting”:1


  • “Ghost”:1
  1. “Grass”:0.625
  2. “Ground”:1.6


  • “Normal”:1


  • “Psychic”:1
  • “Rock”:1.6
  • “Steel”:0.625
  1. “Water”:1.6

(Below I have links to tangela and Niantics chart on damage.)

I was writing a dual type calculator when I noticed that almost all of these values are opossite or not correct

I checked a few other types and they too are also almost completely wrong. I was checking grass to figure out.

For instance:
bug is .625 when it should be 1.6

electric,water,ground should be .625
dragon,rock,steel should be 1
fire,fly,ice,poison, should be 1.6

It does not seem like their is a pattern to how it is wrong, especially seeing that some effectivenesses are correct


Rapid account: Markl 181
markl181 Commented 2年前

I may be misunderstanding, but Grass type is weak against bug type so .625 seems correct. Tangela is a grass type and is weak against bug type moves. If you think bug type should be 1.6 maybe you are thinking bug is strong against grass type, which you will see if you query for bug type (grass shows as 1.6).

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