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Dowloaded mp3 doesnt play

Hi when the mp3 gets downloaded it says its a mp3 format but it cant play in any media player.

Rapid account: Satishch Net 8
satishch.net8 Commented 4年前

There are good Ads-free API for download youtube videos in mp3 format @

Rapid account: Siddharth Avdevs
siddharth_avdevs Commented 7年前

Hi CoolGuruji,
Please give me some time till i check and let you know. I am a bit busy in other projects too. This was an RND requirement. So the the priority is less eventually cant devote much time to it. Will check and come back to you on this.

Thanx for the quick reply… 😉

Rapid account: Cool Guruji
CoolGuruji Commented 7年前

Hi Siddharth,

Please kindly reply if you’re still facing any problem in converting/downloading videos as mp3.
I’ve made few changes in the script. There was a bug, I fixed it and now its working on my side.

Just want to help you 😃

Rapid account: Cool Guruji
CoolGuruji Commented 7年前


I’ve made some changes in the code so please give it a try again.
I hope it will work this time!


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