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FINISPIA is a stock screening tool designed for making Islamic investment easier. This API input is a stock symbol/ ticker, and it returns the Halal test result. In other word, that allow to know if the stock is Halal at that point of time or not.

Who can use this app:
Any website or portal that would like to provide more information about a stock from Islamic finance perspective, or any portal willing to expand to new customer segment interested in Islamic investment and halal stock trading. The list here is not exhaustive, other users may want to use this service and check the halalness of a stock.

How a stock is considered as Halal?
To be considered as halal or to qualify as compliant to Islamic finance and Islamic investment rules, the stock should pass 2 sets of tests: activity test AND some other quantitative tests.
Under activity-based test, business related to some sectors are excluded such as: Alcohol, Tobacco, Pork, Adult Entertainment, Conventional Financials, Gambling / Casinos, Weapons, etc. Under quantitative tests we examine ratio such as liquidity, receivables, and debt.

Is the test result reliable?
Finispia provides results based upon five mainstream Islamic investment methodologies including: DowJones, Standard & Poors, FTSE, MSCI and AAOIFI. Those standards are endorsed by reputable and globally renowned scholars. However, chance of error is possible, and we do our best to minimize it. Please check Finispia term of use of more details.

What is Stock Screening?
Stock screening is the process of filtering the investment universe (the list of available stocks) to a small list of equities that passes specific characteristics that investors are looking for.

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