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429 response status code

Rapid account: Adamgez
2 anni fa

Hi, I’m using MapTiles with openlayers and getting 429 response for all requests. Can you help please?

Rapid account: Map Tiles Api
MapTilesApi Commented 2 anni fa

To check if you are subscribed you can log in and visit this page: (it should say: “Currently subscribed” under the plan you subscribed to and the buttons for all other plans should be labeled “Change plan”). If you are not subscribed, the RapidAPI proxy would send a 401 response on the first request and 429 responses on subsequent requests (translated: don’t send so many requests against a forbidden endpoint for you), so you would have to subscribe first and grab your API key.

Rapid account: Map Tiles Api
MapTilesApi Commented 2 anni fa

Please check if the first request returns a 401 error code, e.g. by firing just a single request against (replace YOUR-X-RAPIDAPI-KEY with your key). If you see a 401 error this would mean that you are either not subscribed to the MapTiles API (and we don’t see you with that username in the list of subscribed users here) or that you are using a wrong key.

If you are subscribed (maybe under a different username) and using the right key, you may see a 429 response if either a) you send more requests per second than allowed by your plans rate-limiting (ultimate solution recommended for businesses: the Mega plan has no rate-limiting. Otherwise you may check switching to a plan with a higher rate-limit per second, e.g. from Basic to Pro or from Pro to Ultra) or b) you are subscribed to the Basic plan and you have used up all your available requests for a 24h time-frame (solution: switch to a Pro plan).

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