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Neighborhoods only work in Virginia?

Rapid account: Cliffordp
4 месяца назад

I tested ‘va’ and it worked but ‘ok’ did not.

Rapid account: Herringburdensome
herringburdensome Commented месяц назад

@cliffordp slope game Whether you’re talking about neighborhoods in Virginia or another state, the term often refers to local residential communities with a sense of community and similar traits.

Rapid account: Superedan 68
superedan68 Commented 3 месяца назад

If you are asking about a specific reference to Watermelon Game in a particular context, please provide more details so that I can offer a more accurate and relevant response. Whether you’re discussing neighborhoods in Virginia or any other state, the concept generally refers to local residential areas with a sense of community and shared characteristics.

Rapid account: Vanity Soft
VanitySoft Commented 4 месяца назад

Good evening Cliff,

We found an updated data list of neighborhood boundaries from provided by Zillow, We will have the updated boundaries processed by the 11/3. Thanks for your patience.

"17,000 neighborhood boundaries in over 650 U.S. cities. "

Rapid account: Vanity Soft
VanitySoft Commented 4 месяца назад

Thanks for reporting this issue, we are investigating for a resolution shortly. Thanks.

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