Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

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BAC can change over time and is influenced by your gender, weight, and your metabolism. Contrary to popular opinion, the only thing that can affect your BAC is time.

The BAC calculator is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. The author of this service is not liable for any decisions you or others make when trying this API.

If you’ve been drinking, please let someone who hasn’t been drive.

Using this API is simple and straightforward. You need to make a x-www-form-urlencoded post to the API including:

  • weightInPounds and totalTimeInHours as numbers
  • gender as male, female, or other
  • metabolism is optional and if not passed will use 0.012 as the value
  • drinks as an array of abv and ounces e.g. [ { "abv": 0.045, "ounces": 12 }, { "abv": 0.045, "ounces": 12 } ]
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