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Now with Addressable available in the RapidAPI marketplace, organizations can leverage their existing RapidAPI integrations to send meaningful handwritten notes to their customers and contacts. For example, when a customer makes a first purchase from your online store, you can send them a personalized handwritten note that references what they purchased. Consider the powerful connections you can build with customers by handwriting them a card, thanking them for their purchase, along with a coupon code for their next purchase!

Addressable provides a REST API for creating custom handwritten notes that are created by robots.

Most mail just gets thrown out. Addressable’s beautiful, handwritten notes tell exactly the story you want to just the right people, and that means you get more calls and listing appointments!
Every piece of our mail is written (by a robot) with a real ballpoint pen, and so every letter is personalized, and every letter is different.

Addressable provides a RESTful API for creating and sending handwritten custom notes. Sending handwritten mail can now be automated, and only requires a POST request with a JSON body of your content.

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