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Get live breaking news or search historical news data for the past 2 years from 20,000 sources using API. Collect the data in JSON or Excel Formats…

Introduction’s news API is developed to provide live and historical global news from thousands of sources with exceptional response. You can retrieve top stories based on country, as well as search all news data and filter by category, language, source, publish date, and more. API provides headlines, images, and other article metadata from a range of popular news sources in JSON architecture with an API Key.

Official Documentation

To get the most out of the API, consult our documentation:
Requests Headers & CORS
The API is configured to work only with GET requests and allows only the headers listed below:

  • x-rapidapi-host
  • x-rapidapi-key

If you make non-GET requests or add headers that are not in the list, you will receive an error from the API.

RapidAPI Account

All information related to your subscription is available on the RapidAPI developer dashboard.
The RapidAPI developer dashboard is where you can see all of your apps, locate API keys, view analytics, and manage billing settings.
To access the dashboard, simply log in to RapidAPI and select ‘My Apps’ in the top-right menu. Alternatively, you can head directly to
In the main dashboard, you will see account-wide analytics and account information. To get more detailed information, you can select tabs on the left-hand side of the screen.

App-Specific Analytics

Using the RapidAPI dashboard, you can also view analytics specific to each app in your account. To do so, switch over to the ‘Analytics’ tab of your application in the dashboard.
On the top of the page, you’ll be able to see a chart with all the calls being made to all the APIs your app is connected to. You’ll also be able to see a log with all the request data. You are also able to filter these analytics to only show certain APIs within the app.
In each graph, you can view the following metrics:

  • API Calls: how many requests are being made
  • Error rates: how many requests are error some
  • Latency: how long (on average) requests take to execute
    You may change the time period you’re looking at by clicking the calendar icon and choosing a time range.

Headers sent as response

When consuming our API, you will always receive the following headers appended to the response:

  • server: The current version of the API proxy used by RapidAPI.
  • x-ratelimit-requests-limit: The number of requests the plan you are currently subscribed to allows you to make, before incurring overages.
  • x-ratelimit-requests-remaining: The number of requests remaining before you reach the limit of requests your application is allowed to make, before experiencing overage charges.
  • X-RapidAPI-Proxy-Response: This header is set to true when the RapidAPI proxy generates the response, (i.e. the response is not generated from our servers)
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