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Inquiry on FaceMark

Rapid account: Wh 33 Landaxel
7년 전

Hey FaceMark Team,

I’m making an app that could make use of these points on iOS and am wondering if this could help us. I have a few questions:

  1. Do the images have to be a certain size?
  2. Do the images have to be a certain format?
  3. How well does the API deal with hair in the face or lighting in the room?


Rapid account: Apicloud
apicloud Commented 7년 전

Hi Axel,

  1. and 2) Yes, they are, please refer to the docs: http://apicloud.me/apis/facemark/docs/
  2. It deals good, but definitely you can test it before you subscribe: http://apicloud.me/apis/facemark/demo/
    Feel free to get back if you have any extra question, and we will help.

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