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Rapid account: Itelescu
2 months ago

If I intend to use API for in my scraping project I would like to know if any costs will be involved. My project probably will need to get a lot of call simultaneously and I don’t want to get any costs for that. Better to know it upfront then to be too late. Seems that this API is free, so please confirm that.

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 2 months ago


The BASIC plan is free with fixed 500 requests, you cannot make any calls after reaching 500 requests.
For other plans, you need to be aware of OVER CHARGE after reaching the quota. Ex : PRO plan costs 20 USD for 10,000 requests and 0.002 USD per extra call. If you call 13,000 requests in that month, you will be charged for extra 3,000 requests which costs 3,000 x 0.002 = 6 USD. You will pay 20 + 6 = 26 USD in total.
In addition, you are interested in x-ratelimit-requests-limit, x-ratelimit-requests-remaining fields returned in every response header, the fields help to track your consumption in real time accurately.


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