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Use this API in iOS

Rapid account: Elinholic 95
8 months ago

Hi, Dojo, My name is yooj, and iOS developer in South Korea.

I have a one question about using Sephora API that you provided.

If i purchase Ultra or Mega Object, then can i use this API for making Perfume information App?

App category is not for commercial, also didn’t makes a profit.

And I must include the attribution line on the app credits page and on the description in the app store.

I want to give information about perfume. In this API, perfume’s thumnail quality is awesome.

Thanks for reading my questions!

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 8 months ago


This API reproduces PUBLIC data and features of the official site/application.
For any ussage/commercial purposes. You should :
_ Check the local law, it differ between countries
_ Selectively choose which data to use. There are lots of sites providing similar information and they are also collecting data from many sources somehow, and it will be safe if your site is among them. In addition, if you simply clone everything to make a site as same as Sephora, you will violate DMCA policy
_ Have data wrapped in another service.

For example,
There are users using our financial API as a feeding source for their AI bots, the bots store and use data to analyze and speculate stock investment trends.
There are users collecting house prices for their own pricing estimating tool.
Google search engine and its advertising business is also another good example, the engine crawls data from sites first for its business.
Remember that you are not allowed to use the branding or trademark. You will be forced to take it down in the future when your site/application becomes famous.


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